A downloadable Story Game for Windows

This game was built off the the Twine gaming engine.. It's is a decision tree based story set in 1983.. You are a teenager in the 80's in the USA Suburbia.. facing transfer from one school to the next & the last weekend of the Summer vacation... The day before your 18th Birthday.. You are faced with an array of decisions of how to go about your day, conquer boredom, & try to have an epic last night of being 17.. Each decision you make carries you down a new road of possibilities..

There is over a dozen ways that you day can actually end, based upon your decisions.. You ultimate goal to WIN the game is to meet a girl & loose your virginity.. However in the early 1980's as a teenager you will be immersed in the subculture of arcade games, vandalism, heavy metal, Satanism/occultism, wild dares, peer pressure, jocks, heads, V8 engines, muscle cars, roller rinks, psychedelics, drugs, alcohol, suburban gangs, etc..

Soundtracked to period music, this is a story adventure, reading based with images & clickable decisions.. For 18yrs & old only, contains profanity, sexual themes, drug/alcohol, vandalism/arson, disturbing language & scenes..

So enter the converse sneakers of a 17yr old in 1983 & see how you can make the most of your day..

Install instructions

Download & look in folder for the Eighteen.html file, click that to start game


Eighteen.zip 149 MB